Crypto products shouldn't require endless YouTube tutorials to use

We make products with you in mind. The average person works 40 hours a week and does not have much free time. We get it. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Join the family

Participate in the future.
Do not simply sit on the sidelines.

We build brands in which you can participate not only as a consumer, but also as a benefactor and creator. Take charge of what you use. Products that are driven and shaped by the community.

How do we do it?

Our products are designed to complement one another. We're focused on bringing more user-friendly products to market through development and leading the charge for adoption while assisting others in this field to do the same.

Introducing our brands

Da Vinci

Da Vinci is a user experience and experimentation agency.  Poor user experience is one of the things that makes it hard to get people to use Web3. If a user finds it hard to use a web3 experience, they will stop using it. We work with web3 projects to make things that users will love and want to use again and again.



It is a crypto education platform that is designed to make it easy for people to learn about all areas of crypto. It is gamified and incentivized, which means it is fun to use and easy to understand, even for grandparents! It is like Duolingo but for learning about Web3.



It's an incubator for projects and founders in the idea phase, a chain extension to bring fresh talent, and a launchpad for IDO-ready teams. We act as a bridge for web2 startups providing tokenized equity as a service (TEAAS) and allow regular people to participate in their early rounds.


FOE (Freedom Of Economy)

Is a grassroots, community outreach initiative that teaches financial literacy and crypto education to people in America's inner cities and beyond. There are generations divided by income disparities, and many have never been exposed to how money works in its true form, making crypto seem like a foreign language.


We remove the clutter from Web 3.0


We remove the clutter from Web 3.0

The team to do it.

Daron Bennett

Founder and CEO

Daron has a background in entrepreneurship and has built frameworks and processes for venture-backed firms. He first entered the crypto field in 2014, and his enthusiasm for blockchain technology and ecosystem development has led him to push for its use in financial literacy education. Daron previously served in the US Army, where he worked on Signal Systems. At Expert Dojo and Backstage Capital, he was a mentor.



We work across multiple blockchain ecosystems because we know that adoption occurs when more people see other people using the tech. People have favorites in tech, and we understand that. Some prefer Apple, while others prefer Android.


We develop products that address common problems caused by new technology. And we will use your feedback to improve our products.


We know that education will be the driving force behind this new era of tech. That is why one of our top priorities is to be present on the ground, because seeing it taught in person makes it easier for some people to understand.


We're always planning for the future. What is the idea that will have a positive impact on society? Will the blockchain be used to build human-like robots? We have no idea. But, if they go rogue like Skynet, we can at least track their every move.